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Enabler in Chief

Believe it or not, this is not meant to be an indictment of our current president.  Some of his recent comments simply triggered the thought stream that led to this essay. This is however an indictment of the office and … Continue reading

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Anarchy in the Intersection

Have you had a close call in an intersection?  Did you ever think you were about to meet your maker because some fool ran a light long after it had changed to red?  If you drive regularly, the answer is undoubtedly … Continue reading

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Lack of Discretion

Texas State Legislative sessions are always interesting to watch. They only occur every other year, and the regular session is limited to 140 days. The idea is to limit the time elected officials have to mess with things and avoid … Continue reading

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Proudly It Waves?

In the week leading up to the Fourth of July a number of themes could be heard, read or seen in the media. Many included the holiday weekend and how people would spend their time. Parades, picnics, parties and cookouts were … Continue reading

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