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Reelected Or Not: He’ll Be A Winner

Talk radio is fun. If you like what the host or the guest is saying, you can cheer along and feel good about yourself and your position. If you do not like what they are saying you can get your … Continue reading

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Penn State Defense

The Penn State debacle is beginning to play out like a poorly written soap opera.  Since the story broke, the suspected child molester gave a nationwide interview in which he admitted he showered with children.  The state’s key witness reportedly … Continue reading

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GIMME an L. . . . I . . . A. . . . R

It is not possible to say with 100 percent certainty who is lying at Penn State these days. It is possible to say, with a high degree of probability, that most of the key players are lying to some degree.  … Continue reading

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War of the Words

No. The title is not a typo.  You read it correctly.  It is “War of the Words,” not war of the worlds.  In some ways, a war of the worlds, might be easier to deal with than the war of … Continue reading

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