A Christmas Tale of 2013*

‘Twas a few weeks before Christmas, and all through the land,
The scurrying had started, yet seemed less than grand.
The economy was limping, the time frame was short,
Only twenty-six days for all gifts to be bought.
If that weren’t enough, it seemed plain as day,
The prez’s great plan was going astray!
The pundits they clamored, the spokesman did hide,
The truth from the world, that the prez might have lied.
The sides each cried out, in their screechiest tones,
It’s no good! Yes it is! Oh, just leave it alone!
Yes, tempers were flaring, blood pressure did soar,
It seemed nothing could quiet, this latest out roar.
Then suddenly, as if completely by chance,
Something happened, changed the tune of this old dance.
In the blink of an eye, a distraction emerged,
The great duck commander uttered a terrible word.
Not only a word, but an onslaught he shed,
And suddenly, people were all seeing red.
Some called for an end to his dynasty’s rule,
Others stood by him, crying he is no fool!
Critics they chanted, a fool he is! There can be no doubt,
Or words from that old book, he would not spout!
The outcry then rose to an outraged bellow,
One doesn’t attack that book or the bearded duck fellow!
The battle was joined and sides took their stands,
Some firmly on rock, others on sand.
The clan pulled together and supported their man,
The fans raised a ruckus and threatened a ban.
The barrel stepped back, said wait just a minute,
Not selling duck stuff really doesn’t compute.
The network then bowed to the outraged fans,
Reinstated they did this outspoken man.
The critics they cursed and vowed not to stop,
Saying nothing is right ’til they remove this slop.
It is yet to be known, which side will prevail,
The critics, the faithful, which position shall fail?
Yes, the battle still wages to a degree,
But one thing is certain, for all who can see.
We’ve been quite distracted from the mess in DC!


* With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore or Henry Livingston and their heirs.

© OneOldCop.com December 2013

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