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Could Be; Should Be?

Writing prompts are such fun. Whether the prompts come from events happening around you or funneled to you by one muse or another. Take the one below. It came from a Happiness Engineer but triggered a memory from decades ago. … Continue reading

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Monday Musings: Oops! I did it again!

If the title of this piece has you humming a Britney Spears song for the rest of the day, good! I wish I’d had it running through my head the other day when I did something I promised myself I … Continue reading

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Suddenly, a Relevant Jesus?

If you consider yourself a believer, does the title above make you bristle or cringe? Does it make you wonder about my motives or faith system? If it does, great! If it doesn’t, read it again and parse it a … Continue reading

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Showing Love

When I was asked to write about the question, “How do you show love?” I started down my normal analytical, academically oriented path of writing. So many thoughts, emotions, theories, and practices come to mind, processing such a question might … Continue reading

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A Christmas Saga: The Unforgotten Gift

For some reason, this Christmas season has my attention more than most. From sharing 1400 Hours after Thanksgiving to preparing to share “The Saga of Rosy and June” next week, I seem to be called to write about the holiday … Continue reading

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Under the Sun

It seems almost everyone I know sees disaster just over the horizon. From those who believe or hope the Second Coming is just around the corner to those who worry Armageddon is creeping up on us as we sleep. Others … Continue reading

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Speaking of Stupidity

All Right! For all the end-timers out there, I may owe you an apology! The end may be nigh, in much less than a biblical time frame. Yes, I am probably overreacting. Still, the unmitigated stupidity I pulled up today … Continue reading

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A Question of Grooming?

Grooming. For most people, grooming is what one does to prepare a horse or dog for a show or competition. Or, it’s the way someone dresses and fixes their hair. In fact, until the 1980s, the terms groom and grooming … Continue reading

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Soylently Speaking!

Wondering what the heck the title means? It means you’re not an old sci-fi fan like me, and neither are your social media friends. Soylent Green was a 1973 sci-fi thriller starring Charleton Heston. It became a popular meme and … Continue reading

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Speaking of Drivel

As I write this, I am waiting for the AI monitor to flag the word drivel. It flags so many words I use that I wonder if I’m losing my touch when it doesn’t. It will call me out one … Continue reading

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