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Friday Follies: Possessions

Okay! The question of the day that was supposed to pique my interest and inspire me to write was: What personal belongings do you hold most dear? My first thoughts on this were, to a degree, unprintable in a polite … Continue reading

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A Question of Involvement

Ah, another week, another writing challenge. Yes, my little online muse touched another nerve recently. At first glance, the prompt was simple enough, “What do you do to be involved in the community?” My mind races when I read something … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Serendipity or Intervention?

Have you had one of those “small world” moments? You know, you’re on vacation or a business trip, and you meet someone for the first time, and circumstances or something leads to an information exchange that leads to, “Dang, it … Continue reading

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Milestones and End Games

How do you measure and evaluate your life? Do you set milestones or look back and acknowledge them? Do you count the years? Do you count successes or failures? Perhaps you count the blessings, hopefully, of children or loved ones. … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Rebellion at Bluff Springs

Rebelliousness was not part of my childhood persona. Some friends, even my baby brother, seemed to have such a tendency, but not me. I am not certain why that was the case, but it was. Perhaps it was my sense … Continue reading

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Are You Kidding?

I hope I am not the only one to see the irony of a daily writing challenge on procrastination. I mean, “Give me a break!” What’s next, a prompt on how many resolutions you’ve managed to keep so far this … Continue reading

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Mach 2; Hair on Fire

For years, I wanted to be an Air Force pilot. My dad worked in the aircraft industry, and I was regularly around pilots, airplanes, and military bases. I could see myself climbing into the cockpit of a jet fighter and … Continue reading

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Of Altitude and Attitude

Finding your dream home can be an arduous and irritating task. Finding the right location, an acceptable view, and a floor plan that fits your current and future needs seems almost impossible at times. The real challenge, however, is often … Continue reading

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Memories…Aromatically Speaking

Talk about a loaded question. I was just asked if I had a memory linked to a smell. One would hope the person posing such a question was looking for an answer like one of these. “Yes, baby powder! It … Continue reading

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What if a fortune?

Years ago, a group of administrators and senior faculty at the University of North Texas were involved in a team-building exercise. We were there to discuss various topics and issues affecting the campus. Of course, part of such a get-together … Continue reading

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