Better Late Than Never

It was my intention to write a piece for Veteran’s Day that would be a follow-up for Run Silent Run Deep from last year. That did not happen for a number of reasons, but I was able to read and listen to the contributions of other’s on Veteran’s Day 2016.

During his show on AM 660 the Answer, Mark Davis shared a song that touched this writer deeply. It is a song originally performed at the Vietnam War Memorial in 1993. It was written by Tim Irvin, a Vietnam veteran. Mr. Irvin performed it at the memorial, and later created a video based on the song.

I offer the video to you through the link below. It is my belated contribution to the memory of all those who have served this country, especially those who are no longer with us, have been silently living with their pain, or who have been to the wall to remember friend or family. Check it out.

After The War

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