Just for the fun of it: A Battle Revisited!

The fun thing about pretending to be a writer is the various ways one can say I’m sorry, thank you, or way to go scout. Today I am altering my publication schedule to do all three. First, an apology for not sending a happy birthday message to my Austin grandson, Ryan, on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Ryan, a day late.  And, while I am at it, thank you for putting up with us when Gram and I kick you out of your game room to visit.  Also, way to go scout! At your age, I was working part-time in a warehouse, and here you are a successful entrepreneur with some of your buddies working for you.  Finally, you’ve proved more than once you have the will to succeed, even when the odds are stacked against you!

So, there is my mia culpa. Now, on to one of the privileges of being a grandfather, embarrassing the grandkids.  Accordingly, the link below will take you to one of my early posts on this site.  It is the riveting tale of all-out war between a bunch of preteen boys, and some old geezers who should have known better.

The Battle of Dripping Springs

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