A Day of Remembrance

Memorial Day this year had a different feel to me for some reason.  Perhaps, my own mortality is beginning to seem more real or the posthumous reuniting of my father and brother has me waxing more nostalgic than usual.

Or, it may be the uncomfortable feelings I felt watching the coverage as it switched from one matter to another. One talking head, personality, veteran, politico or celebrity would speak almost reverently about those who sacrificed their lives for our country.  The very next instant, someone else would be raving about a rack of smoked ribs and lawn parties.

Or, it may have been the almost slapstick antics of some folks followed closely by a tender shot of a military widow and child laying on the grave of their fallen hero. Talk about cognitive dissonance! Whatever the reality, I decided this was not the year for me to write a new piece about Memorial Day.

Instead, I thought it might be appropriate to share pieces from the past people might have forgotten or not have seen.  Accordingly, I offer the following links to pieces from the past that I hope you will find of interest.

Names on the Wall

One Day at a Time

At the Wall

Something Left Behind

Lest We Forget

After the War (video)


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