The Root of the Problem

Some mornings you wake up and wonder, “How did we find ourselves in this mess?” Depending on who you are, your circumstances, and quality of your sleep the night before, the question could concern your job, your marriage, or the team formerly known as the Redskins.

Okay, that last item was just a cheap shot at a group of people more worried about sponsorship than fans. Still, the way some people are handling situations such as renaming a football team is indicative of the problem to which the title above alludes. Common sense and reason are being hammered down by ignorance and an educational system that lost its way decades ago. Take the item below for instance.

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The statement was a comment in response to a post expressing concerns about the government’s tactics in addressing the pandemic. The person authoring the comment above makes a valid point concerning the amount of government intervention in our daily lives. The last sentence is an unwitting admission to the acceptance of the path this country is spiraling down at the moment, in large part due to the way of thinking expressed in the illustration.

We do not have a right to expect the government to do its job. We have an obligation to see the government does its job and does that job without interfering unnecessarily in our lives. Instead, we have become a land in which many people, such as the commenter above, believe we need the government to save us.

When we begin to look to the government to save us, we are just a few steps away from being China or Russia. The government is supposed to follow the will of the people. Unfortunately, in some cases, people begin to support government dictates, usually due to scare tactics by those in support of government control. Still, the idea that big brother can save us is insane.

By its very nature, government is controlling, intrusive, and smothering. It is the essence of a necessary evil, and as history shows it eventually becomes so oppressive and controlling all hell breaks loose. Thankfully, I will probably not live long enough to see things descend completely into conflict and chaos, but I fear my children and grandchildren will.

If they do it will be because of people such as the one quoted here who does not understand the difference between a right and a responsibility. It is not the government’s right to tell us how to live, it is our role to see the government does not overstep its bounds. The Constitution states “We the people,” not, we the government!


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