Factually Speaking: Oregon Drugs

We all know fact-checking is a bit of an oxymoron. Still, some of the stuff on FB these days is just nuts. Take the snarky little meme below for example.

FB marked it as false and explained why they considered it wrong. Is the comment 100 percent factual? No! It is sarcasm designed to highlight the stupidity in the world today, including the fact-checking arena. 

Did Oregon legalize cocaine? Not completely. However, they did “decriminalize” possession of small quantities of hard drugs, including cocaine, to a parking ticket level. Actually, in some cases, parking fines are higher than the penalty for drug possession.

Are straws illegal in Oregon? Technically they are not unlawful, but they are considered a controlled substance to a degree. It is illegal for a business to give a customer straws or some other items unless they specifically request the item. The business faces a fine if they violate this law.   

So, the meme is technically false news.  Yet, public statements by the authorities in Oregon clarify the purpose of the drug laws’ changes were to stop the prosecution of drug users while prosecuting those who supply customers with straws, catsup packets, sugar packets, and other disposable items. 

Of course, it is apparently still illegal in Oregon to sell, manufacture, or distribute controlled substances. The manufacturing, sale, and distribution of straws, mustard packets, and other condiment packets is still legal, at least for now.

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