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Ah, the question of living boldly is on the table today. And, as one might expect if they have a cynical mind such as mine, one of the first comments posted was by someone who confused risk-taking with boldness.

Others made comments about the challenge that seemed to make similar judgments. However, these were just that, comments, and I have yet to read other essays on the topic.

So, what is the difference between living boldly and taking risks? Is it necessary to take risks to be considered bold? Is everyone who is a risk-taker bold, or are they crazy as the first comment mentioned above implied?

There are plenty of people who engage in risky behavior who are not bold. They are not living boldly either. Rather, they are either unaware of the potential consequences of their actions, or they are afraid of looking weak or timid and try to prove they are not. In other cases, they are simply part of the mob who gets caught up in a moment created by others.

One aspect of living boldly is to live openly and with confidence. By that, I do not mean to be cocky, overconfident, and overbearing. For example, I have fairly strong political opinions in some areas, and I am happy to have a civil discussion concerning them with anyone interested.

On the other hand, I do not routinely wear clothing expressing my views or hand out flyers touting them or slamming opposing views. Yes, there are times and circumstances when that is appropriate. Much of the time it is simply obnoxious.

For me, living boldly means standing up for what is right, as I understand it in an appropriate manner. It means being willing to put myself at risk if necessary to help others. It does not mean taking unnecessary risks, though risk-taking can be fun, and invigorating.

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