A Picture Loved

According to my family, the picture to the right was my first photo. Of course, I was five or six at the time the picture was taken. I have no memory of taking it. What I have is a note on the back that reads, Eric’s first photo.

However, the photo was meaningful to many within the family because it represented a time when Mom and Dad’s marriage seemed to be working; I’m not certain the marriage was ever one of the storybook sorts, but it looked that way for years.

To me, the picture represented a period of relative normalcy. A period of time when my parents were loving, caring, and family-oriented. As time went on, the loving couple became untrusting and manipulative.

Dad was a photographer, so other pictures exist. Some were fun, some were interesting, some were of his models or young women putting together a portfolio of some sort. Some were pets we outlived, and others of what passed for friends in our world, as well as some of the grandparents and great-grandparents.

Still, this one stands out because I was the guy behind the camera, probably just pushing a button. Still, I captured this image.

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