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First, let me admit, I am just as addicted to the digital world as anyone else. I just handle my addiction differently. Take playlists for example. Playlists serve a specific purpose in my life, and it is generally a seasonal matter. Therefore I do not have a playlist at the moment.

I always have a playlist in the fall. It is a list of hymns I am attempting to learn, and it focuses on the bass part. I can sing baritone, to a degree, and occasionally I can reach tenor when that part of the choir is down in numbers. However, neither my phone nor computer have playlists all the time that I can trigger and ignore from that point forward.

One reason I am this way is simple. I grew up in a time when a playlist was a stack of vinyl records on a spindle ready to be played in order. Between each list, one could reorder, or replace records to adjust to a different mood, hear a different voice, or simply listen to the instruments.

Yes, in some ways I am a dinosaur. I am a techie kind of dinosaur, however, and there are times when my entertainment for the hour, day or week is carefully programmed and set up. However, there are other times I like to allow someone else, in real-time or preprogrammed, set up a list.

That way, I can occasionally say, “What made you pick that piece of trash?” Then I can change stations, programs, or whatever and feel smug in my choices.

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  1. The first record I ever bought was Sugar Sugar by the Archies. I remember those vinyl records.

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