Snoop Kitty and His Fiefdom

I introduced Snoop Kitty, though not by name, in Standoff on the Cul-de-Sac. In Standoff, Snoop stared down a young fox whose family was living in the creek near our street. Since then, I’ve toyed with writing more about Snoop and his exploits, but I didn’t want him to sue me for misrepresenting him on social media. Now, I think he deserves a little recognition.

After all, look at the massive news coverage concerning the royal family in the United Kingdom. Certainly, the homage paid to the late Queen was appropriate. Still, the coverage of the new King, the constant barrage of “What’s going to happen to Harry and Meghan, and the dithering over whether Prince William and his brother will reconcile is growing old.

Snoop’s reign over his little domain is much more interesting in many ways. After all, he is not your average kitty-cat. Nor is he just a feral cat roaming the neighborhood. Snoop has a mission and a plan.

Snoop flying up to see if I have any treats or time to scratch his back.

Every morning he rises and leaves the home of his humans to make certain things are right in his little fiefdom. I see him regularly as I go to the gym, strolling down the driveway of his closest neighbor. Normally, he stops and watches me drive by before continuing his patrol. Occasionally, he plops down on his ample bottom as if to say, “Are you too busy to stop and scratch my ears?”

Staked out on a neighbor’s house, making certain no critters invaded the property.

As I head up the hill, I can see him in the rearview, heading down the street. From that point forward, he patrols the neighborhood, mooching treats off his subjects along the way. In return for the treats, he will spend time protecting the property of those who feed him. He is a nightmare for the other four-legged residents on the street.

Oh! He is not a threat to the other pets. On the other hand, lizards, toads, squirrels, and the occasional possum will feel his wrath should they invade the yard he is protecting at the time. Truthfully, his meow is worse than his bite when it comes to larger creatures, and squirrels climb much better and faster than him. Still, they know to move on, at least for a while.

Snoop saw something moving in the trees. He’s waiting.

Yes, the royals in England and other countries have nothing on Snoop when it comes to taking care of their territory!

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