Speaking of Stupidity

All Right! For all the end-timers out there, I may owe you an apology! The end may be nigh, in much less than a biblical time frame. Yes, I am probably overreacting. Still, the unmitigated stupidity I pulled up today on social media is almost unbelievable and can only mean the end is near.

To be clear, I am not calling someone stupid. I am, I hope, calling the program deciding to classify a post as offensive stupid. If that implies someone writing the script or program triggering this piece is also a bit less bright than he, she, or they think, so be it.

Here is my problem! I opened my social media account to see what words of wisdom, one-liners, or dumb comments some old friends and family posted since I last checked. The first thing catching my eye was a post from a granddaughter.

I was both pleased and concerned to see she posted something. I was pleased because I’d not seen anything from her in a while. I was worried because what I could see was this:

I immediately thought the kid, a hunter, posted something gross that might have the PETA crowd knocking at her social media door and trying to cancel her existence. So, being the good grandfather I hope I am, I took a deep breath and clicked “See Photo,” fully prepared to be mortified.

I was mortified. I was horrified that some algorithm or, heaven forbid, some human censor found this post to be offensive!

This is offensive? A picture of a cowboy carrying a calf to safety with a piece of scripture extolling the virtue of personal sacrifice in the service of others is offensive! Give me a break!

If you are interested, more “offensive” posts like this one are available through the link above.1

1 For the record, I’d never heard of Cross Brand Ministries before, but when I checked them out, I liked what I saw.

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2 Responses to Speaking of Stupidity

  1. The Hinoeuma says:

    What a lovely photo.

    I have had to steer clear of most social media madness. I have a place-holder for FakeBook so Messenger will work. I had a Twitter account 13 years ago but, couldn’t find a reason to use it. I have an Instagram account but, rarely go there. I struggle to get the point of its existence. “Social media influencers” sounds a lot like the bullies in schools. Folks don’t passively influence, anymore. They demand compliance like toddlers demanding to eat all the cake in the house.

    I used to blog a lot until WP decided to screw with programming, plug-ins, force people into the Gutenberg editor, destroy legacy plans, mess up legacy themes, foul up a server migration and change video links. Uploading a video makes it work on the phone app but, not in the Reader in a browser. Embedding a video makes it work in the Reader in a browser but, not in the phone app. Blog about the wrong thing and your post might not show up to your followers.

    These days, I catch a lot of stuff on Telegram as that seems to be the place where the MSM/TPTB can’t stop the flow of information.

  2. In these days of modernity, EVERYTHING is offensive to SOMEONE. I loved that picture and hope you AND your Granddaughter continue to post “offensive” quotes like that in future. Sending you big hugs xx

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