Under the Sun

It seems almost everyone I know sees disaster just over the horizon. From those who believe or hope the Second Coming is just around the corner to those who worry Armageddon is creeping up on us as we sleep. Others wax nostalgically about their childhoods and how much society’s lost in the decades since they were young, lamenting that their children and grandchildren may not have such precious memories.

There is chaos in our world today. From turmoil here in the good old U. S. of A. to the homes of our enemies, our allies, and those who try to play both ends against the middle. Chaos rules at times and troubles, tragedies, and disappointments are found everywhere humanity exists, just as it has for ages past.

Details change, but in many ways, the horrors are the same. The means of accomplishing some horrible deed can change. Even the definition of what is awful or wrong may change, but the truth is, as the scripture above states, there is nothing new under the sun.

Whether one is troubled by the rampant crime they see or the lack of family values some feel feeds the crime, that is nothing new. If one looks at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Uvalde as things that never happened before, they are wrong. Those who see moral decay as something new are mistaken.

Whether one believes the Bible to be a work of fiction or the Word of God, there is reality within the scriptures. The truth is not about science or technology. It is the reality of humanity. Humanity will make the same mistakes and commit the same horrible acts over and over as long as one human being still breathes.

Thankfully, we as individuals can remember the good things in our lives while trying to help others survive the terrible things being repeated today. That is a message in the passage above I feel many fail to see. We are resilient, and we can survive.

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