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Okay, it is mea culpa time. I let my ego overload my to-do list and am behind on publishing some of my work. Specifically, I ended Wish Carefully with a stay-tuned note in the middle of November. So far, the first section of the promised saga is still unpublished.

While the situation is not identical, I fell into the trap of the parable of the rich man and his barns from the book of Luke in the Bible. To be clear, I am not rich and don’t own any barns. Still, being overly confident of one’s future does not require wealth; thankfully, the lesson taught in the passage does not always require the end of one’s existence.

As this is being written, I am still kicking and intend to stay that way as long as possible. Thankfully, the consequences of overconfidence do not necessarily mean your last breath is just around the corner. Still, life, karma, or the Man upstairs have ways of reminding us we do not completely control our lives.

Several things caught my attention in this case. Those things, for assorted reasons, led me to change my mind about the publication in question. First was the timing, which I will explain later when the first segment is published.

Second, I was committed to a project at my church that took a lot of time and energy. I was distracted by the church project, Thanksgiving, and the normal interference one can encounter today. That is why I only published two pieces in four weeks.

The good news, at least, is that the distractions, some minor health issues, and other matters helped me add to my draft list. Yes, the distractions and what-have-you gave me seven new topics to explore if I keep waking up and making it to the keyboard regularly.

Thank goodness I am not on someone’s payroll like one of our daughters, a writer. I don’t know how long I’d last if I had deadlines, and I have yet to master the click-bait prose that seems to be the biggest money-maker for some online media.

So much for my tale of woe and excuse-making. I am writing, and some of it may even be publishable. In the meantime, if you have the time and a bit of curiosity, here is a link to the church project that took up so much of my time and attention. “Born is the King.”

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