A Christmas Saga: Finding the Value

As I wrote some time ago in Ghosts of Christmas Past, police officers and other first responders know holidays, even Christmas, can be anything but blissful at times. That is why I am writing this little saga this week and will share another next week.

Some Christmases are unforgettable for reasons which bring a smile to your face. Others for reasons you’d prefer to forget but can’t. Those who decide to serve in the military, law enforcement, or a few other careers know they may encounter situations they would prefer to forget.

Mine include a grandmother I found dead in her home on Christmas Eve. Another was a college student who drank too much and wrapped his car around a utility pole on Christmas Eve. Of course, there are other holiday images I wish I could forget. One was a Halloween night with broken bodies strewn across the interstate or trapped in a car.

For most of us, holidays are great times to be together with family, friends, and future friends. Sadly, there can also be times filled with sorrow, loss, and pain. To get through these times, we need to remember there is value to be found in every tragedy. Sometimes the importance and reward of helping others or standing strong can add value to your life. So, forgetting may not be the best approach.

Tomorrow: A Christmas Saga: The Unforgotten Gift.

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