A Goal on the Horizon

It’s January, and in my little corner of the world, it’s time to jump back into the Bloganuary community of WordPress. Today’s first Bloganuary challenge is “What is something you want to achieve this year?” My answer is simple and, sadly, repetitive.

I want to launch my new website this year. Technically, that was my goal last year. Several challenges interfered with reaching that goal, and I am certain there will be new challenges this year.

For the record, I am closer to the launch. I just haven’t had the guts to set a launch date. Of course, I cannot live with just one goal or challenge. That is, to a degree, one reason I am still vacillating over a date for A Walk Interrupted.  

If you’re wondering, the picture is of my brother and me. I am not certain what our father planned for this picture, but it seems to fit my goals. A Walk Interrupted will be the place I tell our story. A story of challenges, disappointments, losses, successes, and failures.

Maybe this year’s Bloganuary will help me reach my as-yet-undetermined launch date.

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7 Responses to A Goal on the Horizon

  1. The Hinoeuma says:

    I’ve done a some challenges. The biggest one I participated in was a 30-day song challenge in Dec. 2018. I had just returned to blogging after a four year absence and it was fun. Other challenges have been movie drafts (run by another blogger), song drafts & TV drafts. The drafts are a little different from the challenges. A blog challenge is usually taken on, individually. The drafts…a blogger hosts other bloggers on his/her site and the individual bloggers also post on their own sites.

    I have had lots of fun (and some frustrations in gathering data & time constraints) but, I had no idea that WP, itself, did writing prompts. I don’t need those. I am not a writer, per se. I am better at one-liners and sarcastic comments. I couldn’t write a story to save my life. I just do a mash-up of pictures, videos, movies, TV, music and history.

    • I hear you. I am a writer or have been, which makes blogging a challenge. After writing for professional journals or academic projects for years, I am, in the words of a daughter, who makes a nice living writing content for company blogs or other websites, overly wordy. If you doubt that, just reread the previous sentence. The #bloganuary challenges have helped me cut my verbosity a bit. I am pretty good with one-liners and sarcasm, but usually verbally and off the cuff. I can have some of my lunch buddies and others, holding their bellies from laughing or trying their best not to choke during the same get-together. We all have our niche, or two, just realizing which one works best is the challenge.

  2. Briana says:

    Good luck! It can be frustrating making the same goal another year in a row. It feels like we haven’t progressed, but sometimes progress is just a little slower than we’d like!

    • You’re absolutely right, and I’ve learned quite a bit over the year trying out new writing styles and remembering last year’s Bloganuary lessons. In my defense, 2022 started out with me in the hospital and then going through weeks of physical therapy. Just completing Bloganuary 2022 was a feat of which I’m proud. To finish posts on all the prompts, I wrote and published twelve posts in the last three days of January.

  3. adiad says:

    Good luck with your goal!

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