A Lost Treasure?

Looking for lost treasure? From parables in the Bible to blockbuster movies, the tales of lost treasure have been told repeatedly. Whether speaking of precious metals, gemstones, or ancient artifacts, the quest is ongoing today as it was centuries ago.

Today, the question was asked, “What is a treasure that’s been lost?” In some ways, that question coming up now is amusing. In others, sad.

Over the last several weeks, stories about finding items some might consider treasure have been regular homepage news. Of course, the problem is reminiscent of an old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Many of the finds mentioned recently might make some scholar’s heart race. Others might raise the blood pressure of a cold case detective. In most cases, the discoveries likely failed to raise an eyebrow for those reading the posts. That may be a problem for some answering the question posed above.

For me, the answer is simple. One thing which should be treasured is disappearing, if not already gone. That is common sense. Of course, it is possible to argue common sense was never common. I hate to think that is true, as I remember when it seemed common sense was a sought-after human trait.

Today, many have succumbed to the mindset that led to such things as Jackass comedies. Some have even died trying to mimic or surpass the Jackass craziness. Yes, common sense is history for much of the human race.

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