Of Chores and Other Irritants

Do you ever wonder if someone asking a question thought about it much before asking? Unless a question is straightforward, there is an obvious answer, and a reason I should be able to answer it, my mind goes into analyzer mode. Take the question triggering this post, “What chore do you find the most challenging to do?”

Even though I understood the question’s motive, I could not help myself. My smart-aleck analyzer mode considered several possible responses:

“Chores? What are those?”

“What makes you think I do chores?”

And if I did not know the source of the question, I would be thinking, “What are you going to try to sell me this time?”

Okay! I’ve had enough fun for the moment. I will try to get serious. Chores can range from the daily routine stuff one feels must be done around the homestead to a boring job, or task one does out of necessity. Any of those may fall into another category of chore, a disagreeable task.

In my case, the only “chores” I consider challenging are the disagreeable, boring, or waste of time kind. And, if I can learn something from one of those chores, it may not be as challenging or disagreeable. In fact, if a chore is challenging in the sense I understand the term, it automatically falls into the “I can learn something here” category.

If I had to come up with a clear, direct response to the question posed above, I would say, “Anything that required me to bend, kneel, get up and down a lot, or reach down into a wet, dirty valve box.

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