What! Me Cook?

As the title implies, cooking is not my thing. I can scramble an egg, grill a pork chop, or smoke a brisket, but cooking is not my comfort zone. With that said, I am somewhat of an expert in the eating department, or I think I am.

When I say expert, remember that my mother was from central Louisiana, my dad was from Indiana, and I was raised in North Texas. We were a meat and potatoes family that fried almost everything, including grits.

My expertise, if you will, goes something like this. Fried fish is rated on the type of fish, how it is seasoned, and what sort of batter or coating it has. For example, my three favorite catfish places use cornmeal batter, but each is seasoned differently. One is down home like momma used to make, the other is a high-end restaurant attempt at southern cooking, and the third is pick-it-up-with-your-fingers crisp.

I could go on with a discussion of what makes good gumbo, to what you don’t put on a hamburger. However, the best meal anyone can fix someone with my background and taste buds is southern fried chicken with peppered cream gravy and buttermilk biscuits. That will always bring back memories from our childhood.

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