Mach 2; Hair on Fire

Snitched this pic from a friend’s FB page whose son flies for the Blue Angels. Thanks, Sue!

For years, I wanted to be an Air Force pilot. My dad worked in the aircraft industry, and I was regularly around pilots, airplanes, and military bases. I could see myself climbing into the cockpit of a jet fighter and blasting off into the wild blue yonder when I grew up.

I did everything possible to pursue this dream, including seeking a congressional nomination to the Air Force Academy. Thankfully, my dreams were shattered by reality, and I ended up working my way through college.

I understand if you’re wondering about the statement that I was thankful my dreams were shattered. However, if I achieved that dream, I would not have the life I have today. I might have had another life that was just as good, but it is silly to dwell in the land of what might have been and discount what you have.

Of course, I did not completely give up one part of my younger self’s dream. Like Tom Cruise’s character Maverick, I felt the need for speed. So, I raced motorcycles and cars instead of flying planes. And for many years, I chased bad guys who thought they could outrun the cops. Sometimes they did, but most of the time, they didn’t.

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