Of Altitude and Attitude

Finding your dream home can be an arduous and irritating task. Finding the right location, an acceptable view, and a floor plan that fits your current and future needs seems almost impossible at times. The real challenge, however, is often factors you could not imagine during the feeling of success you experienced closing the deal.

Sadly, the euphoria many feel does not last. The place I call home offers a good example. It was the perfect find in many ways. It was large enough to host our blended family on holidays and other special occasions. The location was great, and the house was new construction. We could not have been happier. At least, that was the feeling for a few years. Then the negatives began to add up.

Most of the irritants faded away as we adapted to our home. They became just part of our life. Either that or the external cause of the irritation got their act together. The one that did not have a regular part of our existence.

The title of this piece is derived from that particular irritant. The place behind us is a somewhat famous estate. The fame comes from the names associated with its construction, ownership, and the upscale parties it hosts several times a year.

Our place is on a terraced lot on the side of a hill. The big house and property are at the top of the hill. What makes it so irritating is the residents seem to think they can do anything they want regardless of the impact on their neighbors, especially those unlucky enough to live below them.

Our other neighbors are our saving grace and one reason we put up with it. We are blessed with neighbors who look out for each other, have block parties, and provide a sense of community that is hard to find these days.

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