Having Your Cake ….

Finally! A prompt with some depth and potential for detailed analysis! Okay! I’m just kidding. What could be more meaningful to some of us than birthday cakes? I know, I know! I’m carrying the sarcasm thing on a bit too far, but as I wrote in The Unforgotten Gift, birthdays were not a big deal in my life.

We did celebrate birthdays, to a degree. That was more Mom’s idea than Dad’s, but there were few birthday parties. They normally consisted of the four of us and maybe a relative or pseudo-relative if one lived nearby.

They also invariably involved chocolate cake, chocolate icing, and vanilla ice cream. Now that is a hard combination to beat, in my opinion. At least it was until I grew up and discovered the Swiss Pastry Shop.1

Swiss Pastry Black Forest Cake

The Swiss Pastry Shop is the home of a Black Forest Cake that is nothing like the traditional Black Forest Cake. The bakery describes its version as follows:

“Our Black Forest Cake is actually an almond dacquoise, which is to say a crispy chewy meringue cake, with sweetened whipped cream and Callebaut chocolate shavings. It has also always been gluten free, but you’ll never miss the wheat.”

Regardless of the potential confusion between this cake and the traditional Black Forest Cake, this one is delicious. It is also a frozen concoction that allows leftovers to be saved and served right out of the freezer until you have consumed the last morsel.

For the record, I have no financial interest n the Swiss Pastry Shop. My interest is limited to stopping by occasionally for a sausage roll, sticky bun or to pick up a cake.

1This link is to their Facebook page. If you do not use FB, here is a link to a Fort Worth visitor site with contact information. Also listed on Tripadvisor.

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