My Story: An Outline

To wrap up the month-long writing challenge Bloganuary, participants have been asked to list the chapter titles for their autobiographies. As a draft of my autobiography already exists, the hardest part of this assignment was copying and reformatting them. If I can get my act together, you’ll soon be able to access a draft of my autobiography at a website currently under construction.

Chapter titles:

In the Beginning	
A Family Affair	
Nomads and Engineers
The Bluff Springs Experience
The Allen Ranch Episode
Baseball, Astronomy, and Disappointment
Horses, Cowgirls, City Girls and Cousins
Launch Aborted
Donna, Ozzie, and the Beaver
Brotherly Love 
Mom and Me 	
David C. M. Jackson	
Father of the Year: Fat Chance
Childhood's End
Buck and the Preacher
Sinners and Saints 
Being Eric	
An Introduction 
Becoming Eric
A Childhood Lost 
Glorious Puberty 
The Middle Child?
The Middle Man 	
The Professional
Street Cop
The Toll It Takes
The Next Cycle
Predators and Pray	
Into the Abyss	
Finding a Path	
I Love You Too
The Abyss
The Roller Coaster Continues
The Boy and the Man

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