Friday Follies: Off To A Rocky Start!

The idea of a Friday Follies series came to me late last year. At the time, I envisioned it as a place where I could have a bit of fun, share an apology occasionally, and explain myself when I felt the need.

It was also a platform I thought I could approach more informally and perhaps whimsically than when I write about current events, religion, or why “professional sports” is an oxymoron in Dallas.

Sadly, my attempt to produce such a series has become folly, at least for now. The roadblocks I have encountered have me wondering if a higher power might be trying to tell me I need to do something else with my time!

My latest roadblock was not, so far, as bad as what I chronicled in Deja Vu. Still, it has not been a piece of cake, and it has not made me give up on the idea of the Friday Follies series. If you wonder why that is the case, you can read my thoughts on quitting in Keep Knocking.

To wrap this up, let me share one more point with you. Perseverance is not the only thing one needs to move forward or succeed. You must be observant and alert. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder and harder to develop and practice those talents, given all the assistance available today. Consider the two pictures below.

Today we have self-driving cars and navigation systems that will give you directions quicker than a backseat driver, and often not as reliable. This is the picture of the system on my car at an intersection in downtown Fort Worth. It’s the intersection of a one-way street with a two-way street, so the system indicates you can turn left from two lanes, right from one lane, and go straight ahead from one lane.

There is just one problem if you try to go straight.

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