Monday Musings: Blood in the Water

As I watch the political news today, I am reminded of the phrase used in the title above. I grew up learning the phrase was related to shark-feeding frenzies, which could be triggered by the smell of blood in the water. Apparently, there is some disagreement over that claim, as experts say sharks do not smell blood.

Whatever the truth of the matter, one thing is clear a feeding frenzy is not where you want to be. Once the sharks are triggered, regardless of what triggers them, even they are not safe. The prey is savaged, and the sharks even attack each other. One source said there are reports of dying sharks still attacking and swallowing pieces of other fish when their stomachs have been ripped out of their bodies.

Okay, sharks may not be able to smell blood in the water. Still, the phrase is a good analogy for the way politics work. Politicians can smell blood in the water, metaphorically speaking. When they do, the frenzy begins. This brings us to the 2024 presidential election.

It is clear some Republicans are smelling blood in the water. They are circling around former President Trump like a herd of sharks. How that will play out for them in the elections is yet to be seen. However, there is a distinct possibility so much political blood will be shed the GOP nominee could be dead in the water, politically speaking, by the general election.

Whether you think that is good or bad depends on your politics and biases. I just wonder how many of those in the GOP frenzy will not realize they disemboweled themselves until it is too late.

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