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Monday Musings: A Question of Beauty

Inspiration comes in all shapes, sizes, and formats. This little piece was inspired by a friend commenting on a post asking people to share the most beautiful place they’ve visited. Being the analytical nerd I am, I read a few … Continue reading

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At the Wall

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, or as it is more commonly known, The Wall, is something one must see to appreciate. Approaching it, or looking at it from a distance does not do the memorial justice, and finding the name you … Continue reading

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Scientifically Clueless?

For Earth Day 2017 thousands of people in the United States marched in support of science and the planet. They displayed signs, made speeches, and generally let it be known they backed science and scientist. Reportedly, they believe science is … Continue reading

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North To Alaska: Remants and Remembrances

An Alaskan Cruise is something you will remember for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, the human mind is not perfect and memories fade over time.  The park rangers who provide commentary during a tour of Glacier Bay use the term remnants to … Continue reading

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North To Alaska: A Temple of Ice and Water

 Describing Glacier Bay is as difficult as describing your first taste of ice cream or your first kiss.  How do you explain the explosion of tastes and sensations in either that first lick of ice cream or the first brushing … Continue reading

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North To Alaska: Getting off to a questionable start.

Candy and I made a big travel decision earlier this year.  After years of dithering, dawdling and hand wringing, we finally bit the bullet and ponied up the money for the highly touted “Alaskan Cruise!” A few weeks later, our … Continue reading

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