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What if a fortune?

Years ago, a group of administrators and senior faculty at the University of North Texas were involved in a team-building exercise. We were there to discuss various topics and issues affecting the campus. Of course, part of such a get-together … Continue reading

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Donor (and parents) Beware!

Knowing your children and grandchildren have hearts for giving and service is a great feeling. OneOldCop is blessed with children and grandchildren falling into that category. From volunteering at church and community organizations to involvement with raising funds for various … Continue reading

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Jesus Was A Refugee

OneOldcop has a bit of a problem when it comes to mixing politics and religion. Part of the problem is the fact Christianity and politics were very closely aligned centuries ago, and the relationship was not one of which a … Continue reading

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To Bucket or Not to Bucket?

During the last week of August this writer posted the following on online: Let’s see. We were supposed to do Random Acts of Kindness. Then, we were supposed to Pay It Forward. Then, we were supposed to Pass It On. … Continue reading

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. . .based on Christian values?

Have you seen the picture of former president Jimmy Carter that is making the rounds on social media these days? He looks so doleful one expects to see tears running down his cheeks. Somewhere in the picture is a caption … Continue reading

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