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19 somethin’ 

Country recording artist Mark Wills released the song “19 somethin’” in 2002. It was an homage to the ‘70s and ‘80s as seen through the eyes of a young man. A young man who grew up playing Pac-Man and watching … Continue reading

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The Zimmerman Option

George Zimmerman is back in the headlines. His trial is finally underway, and it appears the passion on one side to bury him under the jail is exceeded only by the lack of wit displayed by his defense attorney during opening arguments. … Continue reading

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Zimmerman: The Saga Continues

The wheels of justice grind slowly.  After forty-four days of grinding in Florida, the next step in the George Zimmerman Saga played out.  Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder.  While the family of Trayvon Martin sees this as some sort … Continue reading

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The Zimmerman Question

February 26, 2012 is a day many people will long remember. It is the day one life was snuffed out, and another’s changed forever.  Regardless of the legal outcome of the ensuing debacle, the killing of Trayvon Martin should serve as a … Continue reading

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