Something Learned?

The challenge posed today touched my are-you-kidding-me-nerve. One reason is that I have done many things in three-quarters of a century. I have also decided that many things were just not worth the effort and moved on.

Then, of course, there are the things that anyone with a bit of common sense knows are impossible. For instance, I would love to be a mind reader. People watching is fun at times, but knowing what someone is thinking while watching what they are doing would be a hoot. I think.

Of course, in some cases, it would be sickening. Here, I don’t just think that is the case. I know it is the case. My experience in law enforcement and later my experience with life coaching put me in situations where I heard things from people that go far beyond the idea of you can’t say that in polite company. In some cases, it was bravado, and in others, it was their demon speaking.

This brings me back to the prompt. Are there things I wish I could do or do better? Sure! I wish I could speak a couple of foreign languages. I just don’t want it strongly enough to take the time to learn them. I sometimes wish I had been able to learn to fly an airplane, but the cost of learning to fly, added to the cost of operating or owning an aircraft, is more than I am willing to sacrifice for a whim.

I am quite content being a good husband, father, grandfather, and friend people can respect. I still have things I’d like to accomplish, but they are all based on what I have learned, what I’ve done, and what interests me.

One final thought. If there is something you wish you knew how to do but for some reason have not tried or not tried seriously, take a look at Keep Knocking. The final bell may not have rung on that particular dream, but you won’t know if you quit seeking it.

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3 Responses to Something Learned?

  1. Eric, I, like “oldcowdog”, agree that one is inclined to accept where one is at as one gets older. Perhaps we just resign ourselves to accepting what is, is.
    I am glad that you have found contentment in your life, because that contentment is a very large part of being happy, and that in itself is enough. If you are truly happy, what else matters?
    No person can change history, we just have to learn to accept what it is, and then learn from it.
    The next best option is to devise a plan that will improve ones happiness level and work towards that, whatever it may be. A goal in life adds greatly to our sense of purpose, and that leads to happiness.
    All the best in the quest!
    Regards, Phil

  2. oldcowdog says:

    The older I get, the more content I seem to be. Or I just may be getting older!

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