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Wow! Today, I am charged with writing about someone who inspires me. What an opportunity to sing someone’s praises and offer them as an example of leadership, talent, knowledge, and kindness. Sadly, that is not what comes to mind for me today.

Almost a decade ago, I posted Stuck in the Middle. Since then, I have written several follow-up pieces along the same lines or covering the same general theme. My basic point is this. My inspiration in some areas, if you will, comes from people who think they are the final authority on things.

Since Stuck in the Middle was written, the political spectrum has become more polarized. However, politics is not the only area where one can find polarization and inspiration. Society is polarized. Religion is polarized. Sports is polarized. And, of course, the entertainment industry is polarized.

Some will read that last paragraph and think he is just upset about politics. After all, that is what polarizes everything else. No! That is not the case. Politics is used by those with agendas. Politicians are just the willing accomplices who feel, rightfully so in many cases, they can profit from the polarization.

My point is this. Objectivity has gone the way of the dodo. That is what inspires me, finding a way to bring some objectivity back into the conversation. So, I am inspired by every silly thing our public officials say on either side of the aisle. Of course, the stupid things some celebrities spout rile me up, and don’t get me started on sports stars!

Oh, yes! There are other folks who inspire me. I am surrounded by family and friends who inspire me regularly. Even though we do not always agree on politics and other matters, we all agree to love each other and be there for each other. Even when we clash in some way, it inspires me to be a better dad, stepdad, grandpa, friend, or husband.

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