A Little Ambiguity?

The prompt for today’s blogger’s challenge is, “What do you like most about your writing?” Those friends and colleagues who know me well will not be surprised to read, the reaction in my head was something akin to, “whaaaaaat?’ Do you mean what do I like most about what I write, or do you mean what do I like about the writing process?

I know! I tend to nitpick and overanalyze. Thankfully, a quick review of some other contributions today indicates I am not the only one. Others expressed their thoughts differently, but some posts did refer to both the process and the product.

The process of writing is one of the things keeping me from ending up sitting on a park bench somewhere feeding the birds and squirrels and wondering where I am. Given my age and health, it challenges me to keep my mind as sharp as possible. It also helps me keep up with current events, from political issues to the challenges religious people face in an increasingly secular world.

The product is gratifying because it is at least a short statement that will, if done properly, entertain, challenge or inform the reader. While I tend toward the academic and analytical writing style, I can be humourous to those with a warped sense of humor, and I occasionally share something others find meaningful.

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