Laughter; the Best Medicine

What makes me laugh you ask? Okay, you may not have asked that, but my blogging community did, so here we go.

Humanity makes me laugh. I mean how could it not? If you believe in the God of the Bible, humanity is the ultimate creation. If you believe in evolution, humanity is the most highly evolved species on the planet. If you believe in The Matrix or some variation of the, we all exist in a computer game mindset, humanity is the product of a computer mastermind or a kid who is messing around with dad’s quantum computer.

Whatever the reality, one must see the humor in humans and their activities. If one cannot see the humor in the way we live and act, assuming everyone reading this is human, you are destined to be depressed for most of your life. Why you ask; because humans do the craziest, strike that, dumbest things at times.

Of course, some of the things at which we laugh are only funny in hindsight. Others are not funny at all, but there is a part of us that finds even dark moments funny at times. For example, there are television shows that provide humor, comedy or funny stunts for their viewers.

Some of the funny videos submitted by people for these programs are almost hard to watch, and they were likely not funny at the time. In other cases, the stunts or jokes pulled on participants border on sadism. Yet, many will find these videos and stunts funny. After all, the party at whom we are laughing survived.

Then there are those who will turn away, and say things like “why do they show that kind of stuff,” or “how can anyone think that is funny?” Of course, those same people will be glued to the television the next time the show is on. Now, that is laughable.

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