Speaking of Apologies

Boy, this was a tough one. Assignments such as this are a real problem for over-analyzers like me. Thankfully, my subconscious works overtime while my conscious self tilts at windmills.

So, the day’s topic is life lessons that would benefit others. After two abortive tries, I remembered a lesson it took me years to learn. It was something I did not even know existed, the apology process.

First, let me acknowledge there are multiple opinions on this particular skill. A quick online search will find references on ways to apologize, ranging from a three-step process to seven distinct steps. All seem designed to achieve the same goal, but seven steps, really!

The process I learned and found quite effective was relatively simple. It was:

  1. Apologize
  2. Accept responsibility
  3. Ask the offended party what you can do to make amends
  4. Ask for forgiveness

Forgiveness is not always a given, but you cannot do much else if your effort is sincere.

There are plenty of experts who would be happy to teach you their version of the apology process. All probably work to one degree or another. Of course, any form of sincere apology and offer to make amends will likely have a positive effect if the other party can accept it.

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