Red Flags and Paradoxes

My sense of irony was triggered when I read this daily challenge prompt:

I am currently working on a blog discussing accountability as it should apply to people passionate enough about a cause to become an activist. Now, I am challenged to write about something that may place me in that category, i.e., enthusiastic enough to be considered an activist. Oh well, what goes around comes around.

I am someone who seldom hesitates to wave the red flag. If you are not familiar with that term, here it means I’m the guy that says, “Whoa, cowboy! Do you have any idea how stupid and dangerous this could be?”

Some people might call me a spoilsport. I am quick to raise the red flag, parenthetically speaking, when I notice a potential problem that might spoil someone’s fun!

Of course, one is usually not born with this inclination. Certainly, people may learn fear early and become resistant to any strange or unfamiliar behavior. People like me know the value of thinking twice, or more, by surviving stupidity, ours or others, which could have turned out much worse than it did.

I am not certain this need on my part cost me any friends. It certainly kept me from being invited to take part in events I would have opposed due to the risks involved. If that is the price, I pay for trying to keep someone from risking their life or serious injury for a thrill, so be it.

I have the same attitude toward my professional and volunteer activities. I am never hesitant to point out potential problems when I see them. Occasionally that standard of conduct has created problems for me. After making such observations, I have found myself “no longer needed” in a few cases. Again, so be it.

My ethics and standards are more important than making a few extra bucks or overlooking a problem because someone thinks the ends justify the means.

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