Ecclesiastes and The Byrds

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and Pete Seger’s “Turn! Turn! Turn!” preach there is a time for everything. From a time to be born to a time to die, both the Holy Bible and the 1960s folk singer’s work make that point. And, they go on to list many things between the beginning and the end of one’s earthly existence.

The problem is they say nothing about a time to read. Few people, relatively speaking, talk about a time to read, bringing us to the writing prompt for today.

Throughout my life, I have been a voracious reader. Reading was my way of escaping reality for a short period and living in another world—usually, a world envisioned by Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, or more recently, Card.

Unfortunately, adulthood and reality forced their way through the door of my literary safe room. Reading became a necessity for college, graduate school, career, and now writing. I still read, but what I read now is online and read to keep up with the debacle we call the modern world.

I have a stack of books near my desk I intend to read. However, there is no time for a journey into a mythical or fictional adventure just to get away. Rather I am reading on health issues, politics, current events, pandemics, activism, and the dark future generations yet to come may face.

So, the next book up on my list, if I find time to read it, Stretching, highlighting “stretches for smartphone users.” I cannot wait to read that advice.

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