Up, Up and Away

All right! Fantasy land time! If I could have just one superpower, it would be the ability to fly. Sadly, my parents were humans, not aliens from the planet Krypton. “Up, up and away” is merely a line stolen from Superman. It is also limited to the times I feel silly, as my commercial airline flight leaves the ground.

There have been a few times in my life when I went flying or experienced something akin to the feeling I think you’d have in flight. Some were very brief experiences in an airborne automobile or over the handlebars of a bicycle or motorcycle while racing. And, there were those times Uncle Sam paid me to jump out of an aircraft.

Maybe I have a touch of superpower as I walked away relatively unscathed from all of those incidents. Still, those were not the flying experiences I imagined as a kid, reading Superman comics or watching the original Superman television series.

Technically, today it is possible to have an experience closer to that of Superman or other superheroes with the ability to fly or glide through the air. However, I am way too old to risk my neck in a wingsuit or even one of the human-powered aircraft or human launched gliders.

No, I’ll need to continue to fly in my dreams. That is the only place these days I will be able to feel the rush of the wind in my face and the freedom I imagine the eagles and other birds experience as they soar over us and other earthbound critters.

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  1. Flying is so cool
    For me, it represents freedom!

    Hopping in from the community,

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