Acacia and Me

When reading the prompt for today’s writing exercise, my first thought was, “hardheaded.” Then I realized the prompt was to describe myself as a tree, and trees do not have heads. However, the hardheaded tag continued to resonate in my mind.

One reason that term sticks with me is I can be pretty hardheaded. Which, by the way, does not mean thickheaded. I was reminded of my hardheadedness not long ago when chatting with an old police colleague. He said he remembered I was a bit hardheaded. I think he was joking, but who knows.

Our relationship was strange as he was my field training officer when I became a police officer. Not long after training me, he left our department and moved to another state. I have yet to figure out if he went because he wanted to live in the mountains or wanted to leave because I’d worn him out. Either way, he rejoined our department a few years later, and my training officer was now my subordinate.

Reminiscing aside, the observation of hardheadedness seems to fit. This brings me to the Acacia Tree. Acacia wood is one of the densest and most durable woods available. It is mentioned in the Bible multiple times because carpenters used it for items that needed to be strong and long-lasting, sorta like me.

Also, it seems to be pictured as somewhat standoffish and isolated from other trees, again sorta like me. Yes, I can be social, even the life of the party, if your sense of humor is a bit warped and you like puns, but I can also stand off to the side and people watch for hours.

So, that’s me in a nutshell, though I don’t think Acacia trees have nuts. Hard, durable, standoffish, and welcoming, all in the same package.

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2 Responses to Acacia and Me

  1. Em says:

    We had Acacia trees in the backyard when I was a child. I always loved them – so tall and strong, and such welcome shade.

    • Neat! In our area, it was usually Bois D’arc, Live Oak, White Oak, and Cedar Elm, if you were lucky. Still, any tree with a good canopy provides shade and some daredevil climbing opportunities as kids. Fell out of more than one in my day.

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