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Changing the world? Now, that is an imposing thought for someone who, at the moment, has trouble changing his socks without at least 400mg of ibuprofen. Thankfully, after spending most of my adult life trying to make a difference, I realize the only way I can change the world is one heart, mind, soul at a time.

Yes, there was a time when I spent a great deal of time offering others strategies and techniques that would help them help others in areas of inclusion, diversity, life skills, and controlling our inner demons. The thought was if enough of us were reaching out to others and teaching them to reach out, we could have a significant impact on our society, if not the world.

Over the decades, I realized the problem with organizations, mass efforts, movements, and other such activities is how easy they are to infect with evil. If not evil, at least bad intentions. So, my plan changed.

I still work within or support groups and organizations dedicated to helping and lifting others. However, I’ve come to believe the best way I can impact the world is one person at a time. First, by being the best example of a human being I can, and second by supporting those trying to achieve the same goal.

Don’t let that last paragraph fool you. I do not claim the title of “perfect example,” but given what I have to work with, I give it my best shot, most days.

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