Rogue Storm

Nope! If you’re a Marvel fan, this story is not about a couple of Marvel characters. It is the true story of some folks in Texas who had an amusing experience with what you might call a rogue thunderstorm. At least, it was amusing after it was over.

It was a hot and humid summer day in North Texas. As with many such days, the sky was filled with towering thunderheads. They were spread across the sky, and rain could be seen falling from some, while others just seemed to float in the sunlight. 

After retrieving the mail, two women and their kids returned to the ranch house. Then one of the kids noticed a cloud was moving. Not only was it moving it was headed their way, and it was pouring rain.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Hoang and Pixabay

The group took off up the gravel drive heading for the house with the cloud coming up fast behind them. They made it to the carport just as the storm cloud roared over them. The cloud was dumping torrents of rain, the wind was kicking up, and the booming thunder rattled them and the carport.

As the storm cloud passed, the sunlight returned, and the winds calmed. The adults marveled that a cloud so small could produce such a rainstorm. It was only about the size of a football field, not near the size of some of the other storm clouds they could see. 

Of course, both could not wait to tell their husbands what happened, though they wondered if they’d be believed. I understood their concern. If I hadn’t been one of the kids and witnessed the whole thing, I’m not certain I would have believed them.

Oh! And, for the record, this is not the only thunderstorm story from those days. Maybe one of these days, I’ll share how we managed to make it to the highway when another storm flooded the gravel road that was the only access to our part of the ranch.

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