Of Lightning, Rain, and Life

My Bloganuary prompt yesterday, January 7, 2023, was to write a short story or poem about rain. I tried a poem, but it didn’t seem to work, so I wrote Rogue Storm. Today after writing and publishing Ancestry: Myth, Rumor, Darkness, singing in the choir at church, and driving to my daughters to have a late Christmas lunch for a grandson and his fiancée, I returned home to collapse on the couch and watch the Dallas Cowboys play football as if they’d never taken the field before.

After a long day, a Dallas game that should make them ashamed to be seen in public, I had to try to do something different. So, I tackled yesterday’s prompt again. The result is below.

The storm approached on legs of light,

They flashed, they pulled, what a sight!

The rain came as a gentle mist,

It touched my face, the lightest kiss.

Then the wind raised the bar,

It opened the clouds, revealing a star.

The legs turned nasty and began to flash,

The light still came, now with a crash.

The wind, it swirled, the mist it thickened,

The droplets grew, and their speed quickened.

The storm grew stronger, dimming the light,

The drops grew cold, beginning to bite.

I stood there watching and praying a bit,

Hoping the rain was the worst it would get.

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