Gifts: Memorable, Precious, and Maybe Not?

Once upon a time, the question, “What was the most memorable gift you ever received?” would barely raise an eyebrow. Those days are long past, whether it is someone close to you asking or a Social Media post offering to analyze your personality.

Yes, we now live in an age where trolls can use personal thoughts and feelings for various reasons. Still, as an innocuous prompt for a writing challenge, it makes perfect sense, or does it?

It does make perfect sense if one can answer the question openly and honestly for dozens, if not hundreds, of others to read. For example, in December, I wrote about one of my fondest memories concerning gifts. The Unforgotten Gift was just one of the posts inspired by the 2022 holiday season.

The gift mentioned in the story was memorable for several reasons. However, was it the most memorable gift? That is a question I cannot honestly answer.

Why can’t I answer the question you ask? One reason is I received a memorable gift two years later. It was memorable, but for completely different reasons. The gift two years later was memorable because it was given in a way that was a slap in the face. At least it was a slap in the face of a twelve-year-old who was expected to act like an adult but be as innocent as a child.

Then, there is another parameter to consider. What if the gift is not what most people think of as memorable? Or dare one talk about a gift some think is mythical or based on a false belief? A simple question can be quite complex if you look at it closely.

So, will I answer the question posed above, or will I beg off due to overthinking? I will play and attempt to keep my response more concise than the initial thoughts.

According to some, I have the gift of discernment. Some attribute it to the God of the Bible. Others attribute it to other spiritual influences. Whatever the reality, I seem to have the ability to read people. Is it infallible? Of course not. Is it a gift from God or some other spiritual source? I have no idea. 

Whatever it is, it helped me for as long as I can remember. It also allowed me to help others. Of course, I still have one question I cannot answer. Is my alleged ability a gift or a burden?

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