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Jesus Was A Refugee

OneOldcop has a bit of a problem when it comes to mixing politics and religion. Part of the problem is the fact Christianity and politics were very closely aligned centuries ago, and the relationship was not one of which a … Continue reading

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Of Memes and Reputations

Oh, the wonderful world of memes! These little snippets of commentary have taken social media by storm, seemingly propagating at a rate that would shame the most fecund rabbits one can imagine. The latest one to catch OneOldCop’s attention is … Continue reading

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Honestly Speaking:* Internet Facts

OneOldCop has written on this topic before. However, the plan here is for this to be the beginning of a series, not simply a stand-alone essay. From a writer’s standpoint, it will be interesting to see how this works out. … Continue reading

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Historical Ignorance: Creeping Feudalism?

Some people bristle at the idea that there is something special about the United States of America. They cringe when someone says the United States is exceptional. Yet, the United States is special and exceptional. It is not perfect, but … Continue reading

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A Bit of Hysteria?

A recent post in a well known online publication caught OneOldCop’s attention. It was a rather hyperbolic and hysterical response to the Supreme Court’s decision concerning Hobby Lobby. If the piece was totally satire, it would have been an amusing … Continue reading

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. . .based on Christian values?

Have you seen the picture of former president Jimmy Carter that is making the rounds on social media these days? He looks so doleful one expects to see tears running down his cheeks. Somewhere in the picture is a caption … Continue reading

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Paying the Piper

The news for the last few days has been full of stories about the tens of thousands of children entering the United States illegally. According to the media, approximately 60,000 “kids” will be entering the country by the end of … Continue reading

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