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Faded Glory … Faded Vision?

Old Glory has flown proudly over the United States, in one form or another, since thirteen colonies joined together to form a republic. From that point forward, it has been the symbol of freedom and courage for much of the … Continue reading

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Rights, Exercise With Caution

The dialogue surrounding the possible passage of an open carry law in Texas reminds OneOldCop of a question moms loved to ask once upon a time. Kids would come running in asking to do something foolish, and mom would say, “No!” … Continue reading

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A World Apart

Two news stories caught OneOldCop’s attention recently. One was in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the other in Mobile, Alabama. The incidents reported were separated by seven weeks and 900 miles. However, details of the incidents reflect much more separation than the time and … Continue reading

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A Little Sanity Please*

I’ve noticed several posts and comments on Facebook today concerning the announcement that a number of restaurants have asked patrons not to openly carry firearms. The comments have been from folks who chose to take offense at that decision, with … Continue reading

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