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Faded Glory … Faded Vision?

Old Glory has flown proudly over the United States, in one form or another, since thirteen colonies joined together to form a republic. From that point forward, it has been the symbol of freedom and courage for much of the … Continue reading

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The Easy Way Out

People speak of politics as if it is a political spectrum or continuum.  They talk about the left and right.  They talk about the far left and the far right, and occasionally, someone talks about the middle.  In an earlier … Continue reading

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War of the Words

No. The title is not a typo.  You read it correctly.  It is “War of the Words,” not war of the worlds.  In some ways, a war of the worlds, might be easier to deal with than the war of … Continue reading

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Enabler in Chief

Believe it or not, this is not meant to be an indictment of our current president.  Some of his recent comments simply triggered the thought stream that led to this essay. This is however an indictment of the office and … Continue reading

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