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Historical Ignorance: Creeping Feudalism?

Some people bristle at the idea that there is something special about the United States of America. They cringe when someone says the United States is exceptional. Yet, the United States is special and exceptional. It is not perfect, but … Continue reading

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The Easy Way Out

People speak of politics as if it is a political spectrum or continuum.  They talk about the left and right.  They talk about the far left and the far right, and occasionally, someone talks about the middle.  In an earlier … Continue reading

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The Price of Historical Ignorance

We live in a world where history texts are regularly being revised to meet the demands of special interest groups or various political constituencies.  We live in a world where one can easily find alternative accounts of history at the … Continue reading

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Paved With Good Intentions: Interstate Highways

It is only fitting to start this series of articles with the interstate highway system.  In many ways there is no greater example of the old saying from which the title is derived.  The road to hell is paved with good … Continue reading

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Far West Dallas?

I took a journey not long ago. In some ways it was a short one. In others it could have been miles. In the course of a few hours I journeyed from down home, traditional Fort Worth to what some … Continue reading

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